deanfucker asked: is your ao3 name the same as your url because I think I started reading one of yours :D

It is. It is. And you totally shouldn’t. Those stories are so horrible.

I don’t think there’s anything secret to their relationship, even though a lot of people wish there was. [x]

When we’re alone, we’re lost. 


'No, I don't believe in Vampires.' - Requested by anonymous


Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?


from dusk till dawn meme | [2/7] scenes: “little lady in the  p i n k.”


FDTD characters: Kate Fuller ”Because we’re better together. When we’re alone, we’re lost.”

I like how I’m known as the Supernatural girl to this one customer and she’s never seen me in anything but my work shirts. You make one comment about a Doctor Who shirt and the fandom flood gates open and brand you.

It’s just you and me now. We are it, all right?

There’s gonna be a war. And the strongest survive. Are you strong? (1.06 Place of Dead Roads)