caffeinatedblonde asked: Could you pretty please tell me where you got those SPN shirts you just posted? Do you make them? They're perfect!

I wish I made them. Do you know how much money I would save if I made t-shirts? I pretty much go to feistees on a daily basis. There’s actually a site right now that’s having a Supernatural t-shirt sale.

both! at the same time!

Let’s do this, Gracie.

deanfucker asked: hmm what do you think of this url? graceatelizzyspie

Wait a second… do you mean my pie or my pie?

You know you have a problem when you get emails from t-shirt websites telling you they’re sending you your shirt and you don’t even remember ordering one. I think I’m sleep-buying. This explains why I’m tired every morning.

isaidthatidfightback asked: I just got out of the hospital from surgery and when I got home I wanted to read some of your fanfic and I FELL ASLEEP AND MY MOM WALKED IN AND STARTED READING IT AND NOW MY MOM IS TALKING TO ME ABOUT GAY SEX

I should not be laughing at this horribly awkward situation but ohmygod this is the best thing ever!!! ROTFLMAO!


lizzyatedeanspie replied to your post:

shhh booger bear. don’t cry. i like the little house on your theme. <3

thank you baby can I please get a hug?

and just because I love you…

Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.
bititich asked: I've been sitting up reading two of your stories so far and I'm hooked! You make me ship destiel even more! Bless you and your ability to write! God dang ;o can't wait to read more!

Oh my gosh. Thank you!!! I’m seriously blushing over here.



in other words: nothing like pokemon

To be fair, I’ve never watched Pokemon.

That’s the only thing left to do. Find season nine… continue on with the horrible feels… It’s kind of like Pokemon, only instead of cute little weird animals it’s feelings and instead of wanting to catch them all, they’re forced upon you like your cousins’ children at a family reunion.

tumblr is such a cockblock ugh! <3

It’s jealous of our sex love, Grace.