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1. Top 3 Actors? Oooo… hard shit from the start! 1) Bruce Willis (…always). 2) Simon Pegg. 3) Johnny Depp. I bet all of you were banking on a Ackles and a Reedus… I’m switching it up to keep you guys guessing… ;)
2. Favorite Disney Movie? Forever and always: The Little Mermaid. I still listen to that soundtrack on a regular basis.
3. Top 3 Tv shows? 1) Supernatural. 2) The Walking Dead. 3) The Big Bang Theory.
4. Favorite Book? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I fell in love with Sirius Black. <3
5. Top 3 fictional characters? 1) Dean Winchester (Because according to a few people, we have some things in common… I don’t see it…) 2) Buffy Summers. 3) Sheldon Cooper.
6. Favorite time of the year? NOW! I love the fall… mainly because of my birthday, but also because of the weather and the leaves and wearing hoodies and layers and hot chocolate and shit. I love it.
7. Best movie of all time? Hmmm… I will never turn down watching a few movies, but I’ll just pick one: Practical Magic.
8. First celeprity crush? Neil Patrick Harris. In second grade, everyone knew he was my boyfriend. ;)
9. Three wishes you want to come true? 1) That I graduate college soon. 2) That I move to Austin. 3) That I become crazy rich.
10. A book you want to see it as a movie? One that I suddenly get the inspiration to write. :)
11. Favorite season and episode of Supernatural? Oh.. my… I don’t even know. There are so many… OH! My favorite episode has to be Clap Your Hands if You Believe. I have special place in my heart for Soulless!Sam and Dean fighting faeries. xD And favorite season would have to be… a tie between 5 and 6.
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